Top 10 Strategies to Sell Your House Fast in Malaysia

This guide provides practical tips for homeowners in Malaysia who have listed their property but have yet to see the interest they expected. Learn straightforward strategies to attract buyers and sell your house faster. Let’s go!

1. Improve the first impression of your house.

To sell your house fast, making a great first impression is crucial. Ensure your house looks neat and uncluttered.

  • Tidy up the space to make it appear spacious and inviting.
  • If the lawn is overgrown, trim it to enhance its outdoor appeal.
  • Repair any damages, especially those that can negatively impact the first impression, like leaks in the floor or roof.
  • A fresh coat of paint can add a ‘wow’ factor to your house.
  • If your budget allows, consider adding decorative lighting to enhance the ambiance.
  • When showing the house to potential buyers, turn on all lights, fans, and air conditioning to create a welcoming environment.

A well-presented house is more likely to sell faster. As a real estate negotiator, I have experience selling houses in less than a week.

They weren’t the cheapest, but their excellent first impression captivated potential buyers immediately.

However, after these transformations, be cautious not to increase the price too high, which might make the sale more challenging.

2. Check market prices to sell your house fast.

When selling your house, check the current market value and set a price that is on par with or below the market value.

Buyers usually look for houses priced within the market range to ensure they can secure sufficient loans.

For example, for a house priced at RM100,000, banks typically offer a loan covering 90% of the price, with the buyer needing to pay the remaining amount in cash.

If your selling price is above the market rate, it could discourage buyers as they would need to pay more out of pocket.

Most likely, they will not buy, especially if there are cheaper alternatives. Therefore, it’s essential to check and align with the market price.

3. Competition is a significant reason houses don’t sell. Check your competitors.

Competition is another major factor in why houses don’t sell quickly. If your competitors offer lower prices, selling your property becomes harder.

Buyers don’t always visit your area, especially in a slow market. Suppose you miss the opportunity to capture a buyer’s interest. In that case, you might have to wait a few more months for the next potential buyer.

That’s why your house must be competitively priced. Research similar properties on advertising portals like to ensure your house can compete.

Compare your house with others in terms of type and location, and make sure your house stands out as a viable option.

4. Use the right advertising portal.

It’s also essential to choose a suitable advertising medium. For quick sales, your house needs maximum exposure.

Don’t limit yourself to advertising on your personal Facebook profile, as it might not reach a broad audience.

I recommend advertising on platforms like and Facebook Marketplace. There are other popular mediums like PropertyGuru, Edgeprop, and Propsocial, but these are limited to real estate agents.

If using Facebook, target specific groups. For example, if you are selling a house in Shah Alam, advertise in groups like Shah Alam Resident or Shah Alam Resident Business.

These groups are more focused on your target buyers, making your ad more relevant and effective.

5. No one will look at your ad if it’s not done right. Update your ad.

People will only notice your ad if it is done correctly, so it’s crucial to keep updating your advertisement.

You can’t just post an ad and leave it. For instance, if you advertise your house on, competitor ads may appear within a couple of hours, pushing your ad down the list.

Your ad might not even be on the first page in a day or two. This significantly affects visibility since buyers rarely browse beyond the first page of a website.

Therefore, you must refresh your ad frequently to keep it among the top listings on the first page.

6. Use good pictures to sell your house quickly.

Moreover, using high-quality images is vital to selling your house quickly. Ensure the pictures in your ad are attractive and accurately reflect the condition of your house.

Potential buyers are less likely to contact you if your photos are dark or don’t showcase the house properly.

Taking good pictures is easy. Before taking photos, tidy up the house, paint if necessary, turn on the lights, and capture the images from the best angles.

A house with stunning photos will sell faster.

7. Use the right keywords.

Additionally, using the right keywords in your ad is crucial. They are how buyers find your ad when they search.

For example, using Malay keywords in your ad headline would be more logical if your house is a two-story terrace in Puncak Alam since it is a predominantly Malay area.

Conversely, English might be more suitable for a house in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

You can also use attractive keywords in your headline, especially if your house is beautiful or affordable, like “Beautiful Two-Storey Terrace Puncak Alam” or “Cheapest Two-Storey Terrace in Puncak Alam.”

This approach is practical if you’re advertising on

8. Help buyers with flexible purchasing terms.

Every buyer is different. If you want to sell quickly, understand their needs.

The main challenge for buyers is often arranging cash for the deposit and legal fees.

For example, for a house priced at RM500,000, buyers might need to prepare up to RM70,000, which can be a significant amount, especially for younger buyers.

To reduce this barrier, consider:

  • Setting a lower deposit or allowing installment payments
  • Permitting buyers to use their EPF (Employees Provident Fund) savings for the deposit, or
  • Allowing them to take a 100% loan.

This way, you might receive the deposit later, but more importantly, you’ll sell the house faster.

9. Understand the house-selling process and lower your expectations.

Understanding the house-selling process and managing your expectations is also essential.

Don’t expect to sell your house immediately. Selling can take time—sometimes a month or even a year.

It’s crucial to consistently apply the tips I’ve provided and market your house effectively.

Half-hearted efforts will only yield half-baked results. Even after finding a buyer, the selling process takes time before you receive the sales proceeds.

10. Use the services of a property agent.

Selling a house is a big decision. People sell for different reasons, like wanting a new start, making money from their investment, or moving to a new home.

However, selling a house can be challenging. If you have little time or know-how, getting help from a real estate agent is a good idea.

They work hard to sell your house for you. It costs money to use an agent, but the most important thing is reaching your goal after the house is sold.

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